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We love traveling, making videos, and sharing our life with you. And we want to be able to create the best videos possible, but it all starts with YOU! Your support by following us on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or sending us tips, keeps us not only motivated to keep sharing our adventures and allowing us to create better and better videos, but allows the adventures to continue.

Creating, editing, and producing videos is not easy, nor is it free. Our webpage and YouTube page are free for all to read, watch, and enjoy. But with that said, there are cost to having a webpage and video production. From the expense of hosting a webpage, to cameras, memory cards, microphones, batteries, tripods, water proof housings, having a laptop, editing software, email services, internet and wifi, replacements for when things break, and everything in between, it all adds up.

We share our adventures because of the love we have for this earth God has given us. And we hope to inspire others to be brave, to get outdoors, and to Love Living Life too.

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