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Winnebago Travato National Park Limited Edition 59KL - Class B RV #vanlife

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

We're so excited for our new RV.

Going back to March 2019, we began looking on the RV market to see what was the newest, latest, and greatest in the RV industry.

Less "Things" More Adventure

Although we had loved our Leisure Travel Van Unity CB, our idea of how we traveled began to change. We were becoming more ok with having less "things" in exchange for the ease of being able to go more places.

We also traveled with our two dogs and leaving them at times was sometimes worrisome. If it was too hot of a day, we had to make sure that we had the air conditioner running. This meant we either had to be plugged into shore power or have the generator running. This wasn't always ideal. Being connected to shore power meant we were in an RV park and that we would need other means of transportation to go somewhere. So, most often we were running the generator. But, if we could have the air conditioner on without the noise of a generator, wouldn't that be awesome.

Then we thought if we could fit in a garage or small neighborhood driveway, how much more we could do.

If we could find something that allowed us to travel with more ease and could run the air conditioner without worrisome, we would be willing to give it a try.

And that's when we came across the Winnebago Travato National Park Limited Edition 59KL Class B RV Van.

In the midst of things, we decided we wanted a crash pad (small dwelling we could live in) for when we were back home. But the idea of having to put the RV in storage every time we came into town was daunting. So, in search for our little place, finding one that we could keep our RV at was a must. That meant we had length and height restrictions, or HOA restrictions to think about.

Winnebago Travato National Park Limited Edition

The Winnebago Travato 59K National Park Limited Edition is 21' feet long and 9' 4" tall, which allows us to park in a single parking space with ease. This RV comes stock with the lithium Pure3 Advanced Energy System with 11,600 watt-hours of stored power. And 230 watts of solar panel on the roof.

This system allows us to run the air conditioner nearly all day long right from the battery bank. And if the batteries began to get low, (when the mode is engaged) the van will automatically start (quietly) to recharged the batteries.

Word on the street was that Winnebago would only be building 100 of the Travato National Park Edition. We decided to make the the leap and placed an order to get one. Besides, we loving trying new things.

So, if you see Rob and I on the road, come say hi!

What did our Winnebago Travato National Park Limited Edition come with?

  • Lithium Pure3 Advanced Energy System with 11,600 watt-hours of stored power.

  • 230 watts of solar panels on the roof.

  • 140 watt portable solar panel.

  • Sumo Springs on both the front and rear.

  • Black alloy wheels and BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 tires.

  • Bicycle rack, holds 2 bikes.

  • Removable ladder, to access the roof from the side.

  • Magnetic side screen door.

  • Screen for rear doors.

  • Graphics with National Park Foundation logo.

Travato 59K Specifications

  • Freshwater Tank Capacity: 18 gallons

  • Black Holding Tank Capacity: 12 gallons

  • Gray Holding Tank Capacity: 12 gallons

  • LP Capacity: 25 lbs

For each Winnebago National Park Edition sold, Winnebago makes a $250 donation to the National Park Foundation.

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