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England to Paris

The Shambles in York, England

Aftering exploring Scotland, we arrive in England and then later hop on a train that takes us through the chunnel from London over to Paris.

Roman Baths in Bath, England

We stop to tour the Roman Baths and the Stonehenge along the way.

Once we arrived in London we stayed at the Cumberland Hotel. We explored the town by taking the Big Bus where we are able to hop on and off as we wish to learn more about the city.

We grab dinner at a bizarre restaurant where we indulge in eating crickets.

We later take a tour at the Warner Bros Studio. And although we are not Harry Potter fans, we visit Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, the making of Harry Potter. We enjoyed learning the film making progress and what it takes to produce a movie. If you're a Harry Potter fan or not, and like to learn about film making, we would recommend taking the Deluxe Tour.

After a few days in London, with money and time running out, we take the chunnel over to Paris for a night. We tour the Eiffel Tower and take a romanic dinner cruise before having to return home.

*The Chunnel is a rail way tunnel linking London and Paris beneath the English Channel. At its lowest point, it is 250 feet below the sea bed, 380 ft below sea level, and at 23.5 miles long. The tunnel has the longest undersea portion of any in the world. The actual traveling time in the tunnel itself is just 20 minutes.

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