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Traveling in our Leisure Travel Van has came to an end.

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Traveling in our Leisure Travel Van has came to an end.

We have been traveling the past couple years and we're tired of... Who am I kidding?

We're not tired of anything! We have loved every moment being able to travel to new places, and see new things across America. After two amazing years traveling the United States in our RV, Leisure Travel Van- Unity CB, we have decided to switch things up a bit.

Are we selling the Leisure Travel Van?

Yes, we have decided to put our Leisure Travel Van up for sale. This was a very difficult decision for us to make because our little LTV has been incredibly great, but we are very excited for what's next.

The Big Question! Why?

We have loved our Leisure Travel Van and are actually going to be sad to see it go. We can still say hands down it has been the best RV we have ever had.

So why are we selling it?

After living "home less", I mean without "sticks and bricks," we decided to get ourselves a crash pad for convenience when we are back in town. With that said, the HOA (home owners associations) doesn't want to see an "RV" and it didn't quite fit in the garage. Leaving it at a storage across town was not an option we wanted either... Ok, so there's other motives, but we're not ready to break the news, just yet.

Are we done traveling?

Of course not! We still have over 20 US states, 5 Canadian provinces, and... you get the point, a whole lot of other countries we want to see! If you have watched my YouTube video where we go from the fifth-wheel to the Leisure Travel Van (How to Choose an RV? | RVing 101), I talked about how it's the vessel that gets you from one point to the next. It's not necessarily about the vessel itself, but how you want to travel. We have loved how our travels in the Leisure Travel Van have been and I know we are going to miss it. What I'm not saying is that we'll regret this decision. We're just ready for the next adventure.

It's about the opportunities. We love throwing ourselves into new, random adventures, experiencing new things, and we're not afraid to do so. I mean what do we have to loose? Through our adventures we're gaining a lifetime of memories, making new friendships, and learning things along the way. And because there are many different vessel options, there are many different ways to do that.

How will we travel next?

We have loved traveling by airplane, sailboat, RV, and a cruise ship. We have dreamed of one day taking a world cruise... And one day I hope we get to do that. But that's not exactly what's next, but it's on the list. We're still saving for that one.

To find out what's next for us you'll have to stick around. Once the LTV is sold, we'll announce what the next "vessel" is that we'll be mainly using to travel.

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