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The end of season 1 and the start of season 2 RVing!

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Hitting the road again.

Wow, I can't believe I'm writing about starting season 2 rving! This journey has been an amazing adventure, and the time is flying by, for sure.

Where are we going and what's our next adventure?

If you follow us on instagram or facebook then you probably already know from our recent posts.

First Season RVing (Oct 2017 - Oct 2018)

Our first season rving, we hit the road in winter of 2017 from Charleston, South Carolina. We some how followed the weather our first season rving, as experienced rver's have told us to follow the weather, we kept ourselves in pants and long sleeves shirts. That's what you're suppose to do right? Stay out of the heat, while staying out of the snow.

If you're looking at the map of our first season rving, that looks like a kindergartner scribbled all over, and wondering how we followed the weather, just trust me, we did.

After a year rving we returned back to our home base for the winter, right where we left off from the last winter. We spent six months back home, spending time with family and getting ready for the next season of adventures. After beginning to feel as an experienced rver from our first season, I began planning for our next season in 2019. The first time we hit the road, we left with no plan in mind. This time we were going to plan a route. We were going to be checking off one of the top bucket list travel destinations in America, Alaska! I was planning our season to head for Alaska. I spent days dreaming on what it would be like. I was researching where to go and what to do, and watched every youtube video I could about Alaska.

We parked outside of my in-laws house for a night, before we headed off to begin our next season of adventures. Winter was coming to an end, and spring was right around the corner. I sat outside playing with the dogs in the yard and enjoying the warm sun that morning before officially hitting the road for season 2 of rving.

"Where are you guys headed this season" asked my in-laws.

"We planned to go to Alaska this season, but I'm ready for summer" replied my husband.

I knew exactly what he was feeling. It had seemed as though we had spent eighteen months in the winter. And just as the weather started to feel nice, we were going to be heading north following it's cold climate, again, this time all the way to Alaska.

We said our good byes and started up the RV. We paused for a minute and looked at each other, "should we go north or south" asked my husband.

"Lets flip a coin, heads we go north, tails we'll go south" I said as I reached for a quarter from a jar.

We sat there staring down the road for a moment. We were both really excited to see Alaska, yet we were both really wanting to enjoy some warmer weather.

I tossed the coin back into the jar, "lets just head south, we still have time to head north to Alaska for the summer, if we change our minds in a month we can still make it."

With no other plans in mind, then Alaska and seeking warmer weather, we decided to head south. In just four and half hours we made it to St. Augustine, Florida.

So, our new plan for this season... stay in Florida until we get tired of it?

Street parking in Venice, Florida

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