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RV Apps | Top RVing Apps

There are 3 main apps we use to help find places to dump our tanks, find places to park, and to plan the fun along the way. Each of these apps are unique from one another and we use all 3 of them.

#1 Roadtrippers

Where all the fun happens.

This app helps you discover millions of unique and amazing places on the road. We use this app to plan our route to find all the fun things to do along the way. 

With this app we can plan and save trip itineraries. You can heart all the places that you’re interested in, and then add all the fun things to a trip to literally plan your route. You can also share and plan your trips with other people.

There are a couple different features that come along with this app.  

With this app you can map and plan a trip, save your favorites, or use their guides to find trips that are already planned so you don’t have to.

You’re also able to search for things. 

You can search for things nearby, or you can search for things to do, food & drink, points of interest, outdoor activities, places to camp, or by your favorites you have saved.

You’re also able to go online to to login to your account to plan your route online, instead of trying to map and plan your route using your phone. However with your phone app, you’re able to do all the same things you can online.

Robbie and I both have this app on our phones using the same account, so we can both save our favorites, and then later we go online to start building our trip by adding our saved favorites to our trip.

On Roadtrippers, you’re also able to see reviews from other people which can be very helpful.

#2 Campendium

This app helps you find those places to camp and dump your tanks. If you’re like us and you want to park for free, you can filter your search for all those free camping spots. Or if you like to stay in an RV park but need full hook ups, you can also filter your search to find those camp sites as well.

What’s great about this app is the feed back it provides and the reviews left from other RVers. 

You’re able to see if that particular location you’re looking to camp at, can accommodate big rigs, what the cell service is like, if there are any hookups, approximately how much it cost, it’s gps location, and if there are any pictures or reviews form other people.

#3 AllStays

The RV app of all apps! This App is going to cost you, but it may be well worth your money. This app has it all. 

This app helps you find and filter places with or without internet. 

With this app you can look for rv parks, parking lots, fuel, rest areas, and tunnels for those who are concerned about their height. You’ll also be able to see reviews from other RVers, which is always helpful.

Our favorite thing about this app is being able to know where those tunnels are. If you have ever approached a tunnel you can’t fit through, then you know it really sucks when you are traveling along and all of a sudden you come to a tunnel. It can become a nightmare to get turned around and get rerouted. With All Stays app you're able to see where those tunnels are and know what their height is, to help you avoid those tunnel. 

All around it’s a great app.

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