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Overlanding Trailer | Manley ORV

After going through multiple dirt bike carriers, we decided to get a trailer and have custom a bike rail built to carry our motorcycle.

Our motorcycle is a dual sport bike, which allows us to drive through town or explore beyond where the dirt road ends. So giving up our bike was not an option we wanted.

While we were in Bend Oregon we found Freespirit Recreation, who sells a lot of different trailers. Then we called a local welder to build the rail to hold the bike itself.

The Bike Carrier: We hired a welder who made the entire rail. They reused the ramp from one of our previous carriers to work with the new rail. Then they attached the carrier to the tongue of the trailer with bolts. This overlanding trailer by Manley ORV has been the best way to bring our bike along with us and not have to worry about whats happening at the back of the rig.

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