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New Orleans, Louisiana: Don't waste your time here.

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Why you shouldn’t waste your time visiting New Orleans, Louisiana.

New Orleans, Louisiana

We headed down town on a Monday morning, thinking we would have a nice walk downtown, to look at the old building architecture of the French Quarters in New Orleans, before the night crowed came in. For a Monday morning, not during any holiday week, it was pretty busy.

The day before we headed to explore New Orleans a friend of ours tried to warn us about how bad it was. However, we were already in town and decided to check it out anyways because we had herd New Orleans had cool old buildings to see. Let me warn you, New Orleans is not worth your time to see. There are plenty of other beautiful old towns to visit, that you can enjoy in the USA, and this one isn’t one you should bother visiting or wasting any of your money at or even contribute any of your money to. The buildings are not even as nice as we've seen in pictures.  

Let me tell you why.

New Orleans is absolutely filthy. I’m glade I had on closed toed shoes, as this town was so gross. We walked a couple miles up and down the streets. Every few blocks was a police officer posted to keep the peace . (Lets not forget, this was a Monday morning!) The streets were so dirty, and reeked like human pee every where. This might be because of the high rate of homeless people. But no petty for these homeless people, they clearly don’t want to work, as some wandered around looking for their next high. As we walked around we even herd one man speak out loud provocatively, to a woman that was walking by, with no respect. We even watched one man search garbage can after garbage can for whatever he could find. We had tossed one of our drinks into a trash can and a few seconds later a man had dug it out of the garbage and dumped the ice from the cup into his cup. I’m not being mean. We have been to poor towns, that were actually living in real poverty, before. This was not poverty, but dirt bags, who don’t want jobs, wandering the streets.

New Orleans is full of filth and evil.

As we made our way around the French Quarters, we seen a few different secular groups trying to collect donations to support women to have abortions, or shall I say, to support murdering innocent lives, which is clearly evil. We also seen a couple witchcraft stands setup along the streets; physics, and palm readers. I suppose none of this should have been a surprise, we were walking the streets where one of the largest mardi gras festivals is held. 

I have travelled to many different places, all over the USA and to more than ten different countries, and this town was disgusting.

How you can help New Orleans?

If you want to do anything for New Orleans, you can pray. Pray for the people to get off drugs, and for the people turn from their evil ways. Giving any money to the panhandlers doesn't help, but only contributes to their lifestyle.

New Orleans is an embarrassment to the USA.

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