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How to Choose an RV?

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Your RV can effect the direction you go and how you travel.

2018 Leisure Travel Van Unity Corner Bed

After hitting the road, we learned that there are different ways to travel in an RV.

For us, we wanted to be able to stop at those random places along the way, park nearly anywhere, keep out of the RV parks, and camp for free.

The cost, the planning, and camping locations will all be factors in which RV will be right for you.

We started RVing in a fifth wheel. With a fifth wheel we had to plan our route for which road we could take. The height and length of the RV stopped us from traveling down every road because of covered bridges, and the length restrictions on some roads. The Fifth Wheel also restricted us from being able to pull off at random places along the way.

With any RV you'll have height and length restrictions on some roads. Having a longer and taller RV, like a Fifth Wheel, Class A, or Class C RV could mean you're going to be taking the truckers route more often rather than taking the scenic route.

The smaller the RV the more places you'll be able to go, and the more camping locations you'll be able to fit at.

Be sure to check out my video How to Choose an RV? on YouTube.

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