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We always had dreams of our "one day". But we spent the majority of our time at work and taking a vacation once or twice a year. We simply wanted more out of life. The "American dream" and the white picket fence wasn't so much for us. So, in 2016 we took a leap to live a life less conventional. We sold our house with all of our things, and moved aboard a 45' sailboat. Before we knew it, one thing lead to another and a year later we found ourselves living in an RV, traveling around America.

Although the thought of ever living in an RV wasn't necessarily our dream to do "one day" it did give us the freedom, to live where ever we wanted, to enjoy the things we like doing.

Fast forward a few years later (with zero regrets) we're still finding new ways to enjoy life. 


We love traveling, exploring, going on adventures, and experiencing different outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, kayaking, paragliding, and motorcycling to name a few. We love to try new things and pushing ourselves to do things we never thought of before. So we picked up a camera and started filming. And just like that La Vida Adventures was born.

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We always had dreams of our "one day". But we spent the majority of our t


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